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Gum Disease Treatment At Naples Dental Boutique, Naples, FL

Gum disease treatment at Naples Dental Boutique improves the symptoms of gum disease. In fact, gum disease or periodontal disease is quite a serious infection in your gums. It can cause numerous symptoms and even lead to other health issues in the long run. That's why you need to treat gum disease at the earliest possible stage to prevent the condition from worsening. Continue reading to know more about gum disease treatment at Naples Dental Boutique.

Gum disease treatment at naples dental boutique
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What Is Gum Disease?

Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, involves infection to both the gums and supported tissues covering your teeth with bacterial plaque accumulation and tartar buildup on teeth surfaces, causing inflammation. If left untreated, this condition may lead to extensive inflammation or recession of these supporting structures resulting in devastating outcomes such as severe tooth loss as well as serious health implications.

This condition has two primary stages such as gingivitis– a less severe stage that can be reversed through treatment and proper hygiene practices- while mild untreated gingivitis amplifies into periodontitis, characterized by significant damage through irreversible inflammations of supportive properties affecting bone structure around teeth.

It’s noteworthy that preventive measures against gum disease include oral hygiene practices such as brushing one’s teeth using fluoride toothpaste at least twice daily with routine flossing alongside using antiseptic mouthwash for plaque removal. A healthy diet with low sugar, high vitamin-C proportion, and regular dental check-ups are important steps to prevent gum disease.

Causes of Gum Disease

Gum disease is one of the most serious oral health issues affecting a significant number of individuals worldwide. In fact, in the United States alone, an estimated 47.2% of those over 30 years old suffer from some form of gum disease, which rises to almost 70% for individuals over 65. This condition results from a buildup of bacteria and plaque along the gum line which eventually causes inflammation and damage to the tissues supporting teeth.

While poor dental hygiene is a significant factor contributing to its development, it is not the only one. Other factors that contribute to its occurrence include genetics, smoking, diabetes, hormonal changes during pregnancy or menopause, certain medications like blood pressure drugs and antidepressants, and antihistamines that can lead to dry mouth.

Studies have shown that genetics could be a vital factor influencing gum disease development. Those with family members with gum disease are more likely to develop it themselves.
Smoking also harms oral health significantly as tobacco weakens one’s immune system and reduces blood flow to gums, making it easier for harmful bacteria growth.

Diabetes may also make individuals susceptible by affecting their body’s ability to fight infections. High blood sugar levels often lead to dry mouth and increased plaque buildup.

During pregnancy or menopause, times of hormonal fluxes can occur, resulting in sensitive gums being more prone to inflammation.

Certain prescribed medications, such as antihistamines, have side effects, including dry mouth resulting in an increased risk of developing gum disease, while certain medications cause tissue overgrowth making cleaning difficult.

Symptoms of Gum Disease

You may have fewer symptoms at the early stage of gum disease, but they may increase as the condition progresses. Here are some of the most common symptoms of gum disease:

  • Inflamed gums, including swelling, redness, and bleeding gums
  • Tenderness of gums
  • Bad breath
  • Receding gum line
  • Loose teeth
  • A feeling like your teeth have been shifted
  • Pain when chewing or biting food
  • And more

If you have early signs of gum disease, it’s best to consult with a qualified dentist at Naples Dental Boutique, Naples, FL, in order to diagnose the condition and get effective gum disease treatments from the experts.

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Gum Disease Treatments

Gum disease treatments are meant to correct the damage caused by periodontal disease and restore a healthy smile. In fact, gum disease treatment at Naples Dental Boutique can differ depending on the periodontal disease stage that you’re experiencing right now. Our experts will determine the right gum disease treatment for you after examining your condition. Here are some of the most common types of gum disease treatments provided at Naples Dental Boutique.

  • Scaling & Root Planning

Scaling and root planning is a deep-cleaning gum disease treatment that cleans underneath the gumline of the affected teeth. Our experts will scrape the tartar off your teeth and remove the rough spots around the teeth.

  • Gum Grafts & Gum Surgery

Gum grafts or dental bone grafts are performed to regenerate lost tissue or bone. Gum surgery or flap surgery pulls back the gums in order to clean tartar underneath the affected teeth.

  • Medications

Antibiotic gels, antiseptic chips, and enzyme suppressants are used to inhibit bacteria growth. Our experts will also prescribe mouthwash or oral antibiotics, depending on your condition.

Your Journey to a Healthy Smile Begins at Naples Dental Boutique

Everyone at Naples Dental Boutique looks forward to welcoming you to our family-friendly and patient-centered dental practice. Please call us to learn more and schedule a visit.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Gum Disease Treatment

Adopting a comprehensive oral hygiene routine is the best way to fix gum disease. It should include regular brushing, flossing, and periodical dental check-ups.

Yes, your teeth can recover from gum disease when you treat the condition at the first signs of gum disease symptoms. You should work with your dentist to control it and avoid further damage.

While periodontal gum disease cannot be completely cured, it can be managed and controlled through proper dental care. You should consult with a professional and experienced dentist in Naples, FL, as soon as possible if you notice any signs of periodontal gum disease.

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Preventive Care

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Cosmetic Dentistry

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